Ali Syed

Chief Executive Officer

Ali is an engineering academic by passion, an entrepreneur by heart and has vast experience in managing products relating to automation and robotics

Waqas Khalil

Managing Director

Before founding Lets Innovate, Waqas Khalil was the lead brand and information development manager at Abevco Ltd. Prior to that he worked for Schlumberger as an Instrument Engineer, where his day job was associated with pure hardware engineering. Driven by innovation and creativity, Waqas’s aim is to develop trend-setting products at Lets Innovate. With an undergrad in Engineering and a postgrad in Business, He is a business man in his thinking and an engineer at heart.

Adeel Shabbir

Chief Technology Officer

Adeel is a Founder and CTO at Lets Innovate, He has 10 years of academic experience. He is Director at CASE programmers Group.He has also worked with Zong China Mobile Pakistan and developed an application for them. He has a MS Degree in Information Security

Atif Yaqub

Vice President Engineering

Atif’s is to develop products and solutions for the consumers and industries to provide innovative lifestyle and better growth. Previously he was providing consultation for the automation in various industries. He was awarded bronze medal at Malaysian Technology Expo 2012, where he presented his product for worker safety and Industrial Automation. His experience in industry, research and academia involves CARE Pvt Ltd, Comcept Pvt Ltd, FAST-NU, UTHM, UMT and CASE.

Syed Ali Jabir

Chief Technology Officer

Ali has been part of the company since the beginning. Apart from being CTO he is an embedded systems, hardware design enthusiast and who likes to get his hands dirty

Waqas ur Rahman

Technical Lead

Waqas is an undergraduate from CASE and a master from Military College of Signals. His areas of interest are embedded systems and industrial automation. He has experience of both: academia and industry. He has worked on automation based projects with CARE Pvt Ltd, Robotech Engineering Pvt Ltd and CASE.

Zain ul Hassan

Manager Technical Operations

Zain is the co-Founder at Lets Innovate. He holds an MS degree from NUST, and has 4+ years of experience in Product development, Embedded system design, Robotics and Industrial automation.

M. Awais Azhar

Design Engineer II

Awais is a computer enthusiast with a bachelors in Electrical Engineering. His passion for graphic designing has him working on both graphics and actual electronic hardware of products at times.

Syed M. Abdullah

Design Engineer II

Abdullah is an Electrical Engineer from CASE with a passion for coding. His superior skills in both embedded systems and Android development give him a mind set of a real problem solver.