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About Us

Lets Innovate is an innovative technological startup. From the start the company has been working on various projects and developed products in Automation Industry, Software development and graphic designing. All the founders of the company have technical background and some of them have excellent management skills. We at Lets Innovate try to find the cheapest and most efficient technical solutions for our clients. We tend to make the client’s problems, our problems and try to find solutions that are easy to implement and affordable. We have very talented and trained Tech geeks and creative Graphics designers to face any tests the company faces. Lets Innovate, in a very short time has developed many products which include Automation of a Satellite receiver System, Android Apps based on Augmented reality and Secure Attendance System based on finger print and RFID sensors. All the products we design are based on latest technology and are easily upgradable as technology evolves.







Office No # 1308
National Science & Technology Park,
NUST H-12 Islamabad, Pakistan