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  • Creativity is just connecting things.

    -Steve Jobs

  • Creativity is intelligence having fun.

    -Albert Einstein 

  • The chief enemy of creativity is good sense.

    -Pablo Picasso


About Us

Lets Innovate is an innovative technological startup. From the start the company has been working on various projects and developed products in Automation Industry, Software development and graphic designing. All the founders of the company have technical background and some of them have excellent management skills. We at Lets Innovate try to find the cheapest and most efficient technical solutions for our clients. We tend to make the client’s problems, our problems and try to find solutions that are easy to implement and affordable. We have very talented and trained Tech geeks and creative Graphics designers to face any tests the company faces. Lets Innovate, in a very short time has developed many products which include Automation of a Satellite receiver System, Android Apps based on Augmented reality and Secure Attendance System based on finger print and RFID sensors. All the products we design are based on latest technology and are easily upgradable as technology evolves.


  • HELLI, A Smart Helmet, made in Pakistan, and developed with passion. State of the art Machine Learning algorithm with indigenously developed hardware provide the rider with a safe commute and an SOS SMS alert to Emergency services in case of an accident. Bluetooth to keep the rider hands free and connected on the go.
  • i_Muezzin
    Developed for Muslim populous around the world in countries with minority strength, Azaan is one thing a muslim wants to hear 5 times in their homes / offices. An IOT based device which can not only be used as a wireless speaker for a number of tasks, but is also a state of the art digital clock with numerous features and usability areas.
  • Speculum
    Medical equipment is one area which needs expert sense of dimension usage and safety all in one package. Development and fabrication of a compact LED driver circuit with battery charging and management features. LED Nasal Speculum is meant for doctors to give them and edge in diagnostic process.
  • ic_launcher_xxhdpi
    While home automation is nothing new, our product is built on an agnostic platform. One that does not care about existing hardware in your home and seamlessly integrates with any socket, any system. With a focus on growing market, the idea here was to build a system that could automate security, help conserve power and be a nanny for your kid.
  • Jang-Real
    In the line of Smartphone Application Development, the most important thing is innovation and creativity. Following that trend our company has been part of a venture developing an App for Jang News Group, one of the largest in Pakistan, implementing Augmented Reality concepts.
  • attendence-system
    The Attendance system is a software based on C#, this records entrance of people via their fingerprints and/or RFID cards. This system was installed by the Lets Innovate Team and AMN School in F-10 Islamabad, where it records the attendance of students and employees with their time of entrance and exit, providing both security and an automated approach to keeping attendance record.


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